Sunday, November 15, 2009

this weekend was fabulous!

a list...

-took friday afternoon off and loved every minute of it
-finished my 2010 calendar, printed it and cut it allllll out
-took pictures of everything for the etsy store
-uploaded just over half of the items, reveal will be soon!!
-purchased two wall decals off etsy, total spent: 11.95 (good deals, check it out!)

-cooked an amazing dinner last night
-bought apple strussel loaf at the market and it is beyond delicious
-finally got around to making a facebook album that encompasses the last four months of pictures
-took a nap! can't remember the last time i did that.

-poladroided some of my favorite pictures. image credits are all mine :)
-bought a LOT of new clothes at an outlet mall and didn't even spend that much money
-deep cleaned the apartment, it needed a good decluttering and wipedown
-got a call that we can be added to the list of potentials for a co-op we want to live in soooo bad. its about $300 less per month then the places we have been looking at and has everything we want!

-am looking forward to a productive week at work now that i've had such a relaxing weekend. now that i have all these home things done i can focus better on accomplishing things for work without feeling like i have a million other things to do. thats one thing about working from home, you don't get to leave the pile of dishes at home and forget about them. the clutter on the coffee table turns into clutter in your office and i'm not a clutter person.

i hope your weekend was fantastic and i want to hear all about it!

xoxo e


Laurie Anne said...

WOW! you were a busy bee this weekend! Can't wait for the reveal!
The weather in Toronto was pretty fabulous in terms of temperatures wasn't it!? Sunday I took a nap too! it was grey and gloomy out :)
Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes you get into that co-op.xx

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh girl, you were busy! I'm such a lazy slob on weekends lol

carly. said...

that photo of you is adorable.

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