Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my wishlist...

i honestly wish there were more hours in the day where i could stay focused enough to get all the things done i want. i have so many thoughts and things i want to create and yet, there always seem to be episodes of mad men or the office or house that are calling my name, saying i've done enough work today, take a break.

its a balance i haven't yet reached.

this christmas is special, its the first time the president and i have been living together and we have an opportunity to create our own traditions and holiday moments. i'm looking forward to it. we don't believe in consumerism and i want that to be reflected in the way we celebrate what has become the holiday to just buy, want, need, buy.

this christmas i would like to
-make a calendar for 2010 and give this as a gift to many loved ones
-design a holiday card and send it to as many people as i can
-bake, bake and bake! i love the smell of baking, it honestly warms my heart
-take more pictures
-purchase handmade gifts from etsy and severly limit my mall shopping
-take the time to thank family and friends for being a part of my life and being so supportive. they are honestly the best.
-january 1st we will be moving into our new apartment and i want to bring with us only what we love and need. there will be no extra baggage and all of the past clutter will be sorted through. this move isn't about minimalism, but increasing efficiency.
-get a puppy!! (if our new landlord approves it, fingers crossed!)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! There are never enough hours in the day...and I love your list! alot of those are mine too! x

carly. said...

we have very similar lives, isn't that funny? i too am trying to do all my shopping on etsy this year...or most of it anyway! hopefully people will be doing the same, at our shop :) (soooon!)

and did you hear that auntie linda nor my gramma are having christmas this year?? kinda sad since that's when we all really get to see each other :(

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