Wednesday, November 4, 2009

music my world

good evening lovelies. :)

i have a favour to ask you!

lately i have been in such a music slump, listening to the same old same old stuff i've listened to forever. and frankly, IM BORED!

so help me out, comment with bands you like, songs you listen to, playlists you made, whatever! i'm open to anything as long as you like it.

just to give you a little background, these are some of the artists that im constantly listening to..

-rilo kiley
-new pornographers
-regina spektor
-tegan and sara
-fleetwood mac

pretty girly stuff. actually very girly. speaking of tegan and sara, i have yet to hear their new album but there are posters EVERYWHERE advertising it. i hope it lives up to all the hype.

in other random news, i made another bag tonight. i'm trying to balance living and working in the same environment because sometimes it feels like i never 'go home'. work is constantly there, things i could be finishing. BUT i think its making me more creative because i know when i am in the middle of crafting a new purse or sewing on buttons, i am definitely not working. right now that distinction is something i crave.

nighty night!


Anonymous said...

and what form would you like this playlist in...usb key? i will make you a mix of angry black lesbians, and lesbians that are angry and black


angela anne said...

the new tegan and sara is INCREDIBLE!

also I suggest (not sure if you listen to any of them):

-Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack: Karen O & the Kids
-ANY album by Copeland
-A Fine Frenzy
-new Camera Obscura
-ANY album by Iron & Wine
-Monsters of Folk
-Blitzen Trapper

if you want more, let me know!

Anonymous said...

I just made an October Playlist, you can check it out here. And I would LOVE to hear your song suggestions too! I'm always on the lookout for new &or good music. :]

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