Monday, October 5, 2009

bet the hand that your moneys on

i'm in the market for a new business card. my old one has my old phone number on it so no matter what i need to print out new ones, and big surprise, i am tired of my old one and want something different.

here are some awesome business card ideas all from this website.

my last business card is at the bottom of the list. i will keep you in suspense, but give you this clue, you could eat it!

i'm thinking my next card will be a little more simple (these cards were printed on acetate and then folded three times, cut out, and then double sided taped back together. each one took forever! then i just filled loose leaf tea bags with sprout seeds and folded them inside the acetate cover with my information on them) i would like to incorporate stiching on my new card and use natural looking, pulpy paper. i'm thinking of even making my own rubber stamp since my 'logo' is the same image twice just flipped (ea). ohhh the possibilities!

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