Wednesday, October 14, 2009

lonny magazine

as a category, shelter magazines were hit several months before the economic downturn affected the rest of the industry. now, even with advertising dollars yet harder to come by, one former Domino editor is ignoring the naysayers and reentering the space with an online-only magazine. Lonny magazine is available here and is an interesting magazine, all wrapped up in great layouts and pops of colour. (especially for the can't be beat price of free and the fact that you can view the magazine from that spot you already warmed up on the couch, right beside the cookies on the table -or not hehe).
the format lets readers “flip through pages,” much like a print magazine, and readers will be able to shop directly from the pages by clicking on items. see something you like? click right on it to be directed to where to purchase the item. GREAT for xmas shopping.
features include home decorating, fashion, shopping, and entertaining tips. Not included are any articles on health, fitness, or cooking. i'm looking forward to seeing more issues from this magazine that clearly has its heart in the right place. "We literally have had everything from the photo equipment to the writing donated by people who believe in what we’re trying to achieve. Our hope is that the magazine will grow and that we’ll be able to employ these people for future issues.”

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