Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thanksgiving weekend

what a beautiful weekend it was. (well saturday was gorgeous but i must say sunday was a touch on the chilly side). we drove home late friday night and woke up in bobcaygeon to a sunny warm fall day. the president cooked breakfast for everyone and we all found our way outside to enjoy the day. i took my bike out for a little ride, so sad that it will probably be the last time i ride it this year, but it just means something great to look forward to in the spring.
that night we had the presidents whole family over, including some family we have seen in such a long time. everyone was on their best behavior and it was pleasant. i reaffirmed my belief that i am horrible at video games -fighting games are a lot harder since my mortal kombat button mashing victories.

sunday morning we said our good byes to one family and drove to the next group that promised to feed us turkey dinner. the boys were not on the weather mans good side and had to take the boat lifts and docks out of the water on the coldest, windiest day i think we've had yet. the wind was so cold that your eyes teared just looking out over the lake and even though the beer stayed cold i don't think it was much appreciated. they got it done though and after lunch everyone at the cottage enjoyed a long, warm nap.
waking up with empty bellies we made our way down to my uncle and aunts cottage, who were hosting our thanksgiving dinner. they set a beautiful table and hosted 13 of us for dinner and 15 for homemade pumpkin and apple pie dessert. it was delicious and after having seconds i felt like i was going to burst!
overall it was a great weekend, spending quality time with family and friends who might as well be family. monday morning my mom made french toast with baileys in it, i will HAVE to get the recipe for. it was delicious. i have a renewed craving for apple cider with cinnamon and orange slices. and long walks on red leaves.
happy fall. xoxo

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Alicia said...

I love your pictures! Fall is my favorite.

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