Saturday, October 24, 2009

i figured it out!!!!

yes yes yessssss!

a while ago i was having issues with the blog button i made right over there ----> trying to make the html stay as html so that any of you darling readers could add the button to your sidebars!


so check it out over there, just chillin. all CODE like in the sidebar.

just copy and paste whats in that little box into your html/javascript box in blogger and poof you have a cute little button for your blog that is super cute and also links back to this ole blog.

if your interested in having something like this for your blog to generate more traffic from other sites, let me know. we can do an exchange of some kind. i looooove getting things in the mail.

phewf, i try not to let things bother me but this one was just nagging on me because i was 100% sure i could do it, i just didn't know how.


Sarah said...

I'm loving the new header for your blog, very cool!

carly. said...

erin, you know what is SO weird? i secretly like the smell of ciggy smoke as well

haha, maybe its a cousin thing? lol

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