Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturday! today is saturday, already?! this week has gone so fast, but fast in a great way.

first order of greatness, i got a job! and not just any job, a great job. but seriously, my title is lead specialist, marketing and social media. doesn't that just sound so professional? its a work from home situation which is nice, and occasionally i will travel to my boss's home office if we need to do work together. its a small business, but i know this means more opportunity for me to take ownership and really get into the deep end.

i had my interview for the job on tuesday and signed all the paper work thursday and worked all day that day and friday as well. which isn't really that much but it sure made the week fly by.

in the next two days i have 'off' i have a ton of stuff i want to complete. i've been feeling super crafty lately and made some bags out of skirts i bought at the thrift store. (50% off with student ID perrrrrfect) i've been putting this sewing machine i begged the president to bring to the city for me to good use.

also i bought this great book off amazon..duh duh duhhhhhh... the listography 2010 calendar! i can't wait for it to come. a calendar combined with lists, lists and more lists? my oh my! 2010 will be the most organized year yet.

this weekend i want to

-buy eggs and make french toast
-go to the st. lawrence market
-clean the bathroom
-make some more bags
-go to my nanas and paint!
-design my new business card for work and get it sent to the printers
-spend some time with the president, maybe even watch a sports game together <3


Alicia said...

I love the listography calender.. I could make lists all day! Congratulations on your new job!! :)


carly. said...

congrats on the job!! that would be soooo lovey having a stay at home job, though i fear i'd never leave the apartment haha.

also, are those bags for our etsy? i am getting soooo excited! do you have any ideas for names? i'm getting antsy and really want to get things going!

love you.

red food colouring said...

yes the bags are for etsy!!! i am soo excited as well.

good mood, good mood yyayayaya

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