Friday, October 2, 2009

slow roasted tomatoes

i thought that for the very last day of autumn colour week i would throw a little recipe in here for good measure. todays colour is red and when i made these slow roasted tomatoes they made the most lovey heart warming smell in my apartment which in turn reminded me of the changing seasons. so in honour of the new season upon us and the way my cooking style has gone from the bbq and back to the oven i give you slow roasted tomatoes.

they are without a doubt the easiet most versatile thing i've made in a while. honestly they could not be any easier. also, tomatoes are ridiculously cheap right now and if you've been carefully tending a garden all summer you may already be up to your eye balls in tomatoes. i purchased a whole basket of these roma tomatoes for 2.99

this recipe is adapted from kitchen parade, but to be quite honest i didn't follow many of her directions. (once i'm in the kitchen and my computer is still in the living room all the rules are out the window)

these are called slow roasted tomatoes because they take a long ass time to slowly roast so i just threw them into the oven after i finished cleaning up dinner and woke up to a pan full of deliciousness.

preheat oven to 200 degrees

1.wash and dry a plethora of tasty tomatoes. i used roma tomatoes (some reading i did suggested the meatier the tomato the better but i feel as though this is a very forgiving recipe so just use what you have)

2.break out the largest pan you have and put a healthy dollop of olive oil splat in the middle. mix in some dried herbs of your choice. i used basil, oregano and red chili flakes, and some s&p. mix it all up.

3. cut the tomatoes in half lengthwise. (if your planning on removing the skin later, cut the tomato on either side of the center vain. i didn't bother with this because im pretty lazy and like tomato skin, mostly just lazy though)

4. mix the toms into the herbs. flip them all over so the side you cut is up.

5. stick them in a 200 degree oven and poof! easiest thing you've ever done and smells awesome. leave them in there for 10-12 hours (remember the SLOOOOOWWWW roasted part)(i think my oven is on the cool end of the temperature scale so i ended up leaving them in for about 14 hours) (this recipe is even better when your utilities are included (!!) and the thought of leaving the oven on overnight doesn't make you cringe. but in fairness 200 degrees is barely even on)

so far i have used them to in scrambled eggs, tuna melts, BLTs and a sausage and red wine spaghetti. i even spinkled some goat cheese on them and just popped them into my mouth as a snack. they would be awesome to make bruschetta with, lasagna, or you can freeze them to eat all winter long. (seperate them on a pan in the freezer until frozen so they freeze individually instead of as one large hunk.)

oh and since i was going to have the oven on for such a long time i also roasted some garlic in tin foil on the same pan because, well, roasted garlic and tomatoes are like totally best friends duh. enjoy!

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Alicia said...

they look so good!

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