Sunday, October 18, 2009

this little piggy went to market

yesterday was a lovely day. we started out the day by going to the st.lawrence market. its a huge market near the lake in toronto that is in an old warehouse type building. the market is open every day but saturday is really the day to go if you want to see the whole place come alive. vendors from local (ish, this is downtown remember, i haven't seem any fields of brussel sprouts lately) farms bring in their produce and fill up another whole building accross from the market. we bought so many yummy things, i can't wait to eat them all. and at a really great price too.

we bought
four ontario mix peppers 1.50
green beans 2.00
brussel sprouts 1.00
shallots 2.00
two asparagus bunches 1.00 each
bottle of white ontario wine 13.00
two pounds of mussels 5.50
four pork souvlaki 4.00
french bread 1.99
four bagels 2.00

is that it? i think so. yum.

when we got home from the market we showered up and the president made the most delicious meal of mussels with asparagus and fresh bread. the smell of butter, garlic and white wine simmering on the stove is heavenly.

so i told you that i've been feeling crafty so here are a few pictures of what i have been up to lately.

here are two bags that i made using old skirts i bought that i bought at the thrift store. i think they would be perfect for using as a travel bag for makeup or personal items.

the first one is a really wonderful grey wool material with white silk lining. the red stiching on the whole purse pops with the doily closure. the purple vintage button on the front is from an old sweater.

the second bag is perfect for stoing computer items or a sewing bag. its big enough for some books or a lunch bag.

the yellow and white linen is the perfect match for the grey wool front. blue cotton lining really offsets the red and white buttons on the front. i'm excited to add these to the 'coming soon' etsy shop my cousin and i are opening!


carly. said...

omg. i am coming for dinner soon. asparagus is my life lately. i never had it in my house growing up so am obsessed with it now it seems. that dish looks lovely. and mussels? mmmm.

also. you're killing me!! i wanted to see those purses so badly and all they are is little red x's!!! baaaah.

red food colouring said...

they work for me!? try clicking on them....

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