Thursday, October 8, 2009

pretty bird

hello lovelies.

i'm on my computer a lot. like a lot A LOT. so in order to keep things fresh i will often change my background two or three times a week. i would say this week has had some above average winners so i thought i would share.

monday saw this lovely design (from source unknown...a random picture i had saved to my inspiration folder)

then i found this inspirational list featured on Creature Comforts (wonderful wonderful blog) from push me pull you designs. click on the link to see many many different illustrations perfectly suited for backgrounds.

i chose this little guy..

and he lasted until mere moments ago when i saw this free download from here to get your own! calendar plus birds plus grid paper oh my!

i'm taking in a few episodes of house and then off to bed early. i have an interview in the morning, looking forward to it! after that i am looking forward to coming home and whipping up a double batch of caramel apple cheesecake for thanksgiving gatherings.

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