Thursday, April 7, 2011


so breakfast. are you any good at eating it? I would say I'm not. mostly because of time but also because i don't really get hungry until about 11am. on the weekends i like to cook eggs and bacon and sit down to a proper meal but if I had to choose a hot breakfast over 15 minutes more of sleep, i will always choose sleep. but i always find that if i can't have something to eat at 11, i am absolutely ready to eat gorge on ANYTHING by the time 1 rolls around. not a good strategy really.

this post on apartment therapy the kitchn is to make steel cut oats once a week and then reheat them through-out the week. seems like a pretty good idea. you can add your own fruit, cinnamon, brown sugar, nuts, anything you want!
i don't own a microwave in the apartment but i could use this when I go to work and even just bring everything on monday morning and enjoy a hot breakfast for the rest of the week.

seems pretty easy actually.

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Anonymous said...

ew i know that pic is supposed to make oatmeal seem magical and rustic, but somehow when it's in a mason jar it looks like some infected medical sample, like someone got their ovarian cyst drained. Also, i don't understand how that small amount of oatmeal could sustain a human. I am cooking my oats right now (all day, every day) and then I have TWO bonus breakfasts before noon. how do you not eat? p.s. i had a dream leanne had a blog....and we were excited because it was no longer in her head. okay, this should have been an email, whatever!

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