Saturday, April 9, 2011

today is the perfect day

home alone.

yes yes yes yes yes.

love it.

sorry ian , but a day alone is such a perfect treat.

today so far..was great. here is a list why.

1) woke up and read for half an hour and THEN WENT BACK TO SLEEP. i'm one of those people who once they are up, i'm up for good. i'll kinda maybe go for a few more snooze rounds on the blackberry but its over by that point.
2) messaged my favorite aunt about potential hang outs this weekend and she was like what about right now, you and me mars food diner breakfast and beaches boardwalk tour. done and done.
3) finnnnnally went to the bank. thats actually been on my list for over two weeks. she was running low.
4) got my tax return!!!! perfect so perfect of timing. i need that buffer zone.
5) went to double take (my most favorite thrift store, seriously can't go more then 6 days without going back...i get withdrawl. ) and only donated a big bag of stuff and although i didn't buy anything i think that was also exactly what i needed to do. cleaning out the clutter.
6) found this:
vanilla & lime blossom scented oil. can i wear this stuff? no actually i like it for the smell in the room better. perfect for summer.

i am putting a lot of expectations on this summer. i always put a lot of goals on the table for summer but this year i am specifically going to be pushing the comfort zone. summer is the perfect season. not a lot of people love summer but i really do, i love to be hot, sweaty even. i love wearing bare feet and dainty shoes. showing off my tattoo. telling the story of my tattoo. laying out in the sun, so many ripe fruits and juicy vegetables and bike rides.
winter really gets me down. i feel like molasses in winter, layered in and stuck. always a barrier between me and the outside.

summer is freedom. fresh air and open spaces. also in the summer i have my cottage. the cottage is the perfect place to do the things above but also include skiing, bbq, and fun times with family. i need to buy some bathing suits asap. this summer i learn to solemn (slolemn? one ski anyway) ski.

whoa in real life there was a huge distraction there. facebook makes things too easy. hah. dave this summer your going to come up to my cottage even more then me. get your 60 suntan lotion stocked up. kidding you can only go when i go. kidding, not kidding kidding. and holy oatmeal rant. i'm going to call you steel cut oats. steel for short.

i have my itunes on for once in a blue moon. i usually listen to the itunes thats on the other computer because its hooked up to the speakers but today is a new day so back to mac. i haven't really changed my choice in music in a long time, and that is not cutting it for me. i am fully open to new music suggestions.

blog binge!


Anonymous said...

can i live at your cottage with your grandma and she can tell me a 40 minute story of how her husband washed a red table cloth with white clothes and everything turned out pink LOL and then i can hold my shits in for the entire weekend because they're massive and the toilet has a week flush i'll poo in the lake thanks.

checked out ian's blog. too many ass-kissing links and pictures of career women with age-defying make-up. also why can't i comment on his blog so i can tell him directly? Tell him to research that 1977 movie "outrageous", interesting story about that film.

Also, nobody comes between me and my oatmeal. I am eating it right now while my parents aske me how close Guelph is to Cambridge.

That guy in the last bakery post with the Eat Local shirt makes me want to snap his glasses and shove an imported mango down his throat.

thinking of starting a blog again, maybe a new one, called Foggy Bog Fag, where i just post pictures of things i find in nature and make fun of them? i don't know. Blog comments are the new email.

Love ya!

red food colouring said...

get your own blog so you have an outlet for your rants thats not my comments.

i don't think that was my grandma.


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