Sunday, April 17, 2011

fully completely

Here are some things I learned this week

-manage expectations. people wont expect you to do something but if you say your going to then follow through. my old boss always lived by this saying "under promise, over deliver"
-don't give it all away. the mystery is what keeps them coming back for more.
-eat real foods. or better yet, eat/buy ingredients. the problem with our food and the way we think about food is not healthy. less is more.
-there is rarely a good enough reason to buy jagger shots right before leaving the bar

i'm at a weird/great phase of my life right now. i won't go into details right now because its still all a big sloppy mess but i have made a decision to find happiness in every day. to interact with people in a consistently meaningful way. to make plans and look forward to them and enjoy every single moment.  its a big scary overwhelming step but its right, and i've known it for too long to not follow though.

i've been high on life this whole week like every day i wake up and i have the energy to just start the day. i have been excited about the simplest things and looking forward to the future. i know the next phase is going to be tough, extremely tough, i will be risking it all, all the safety nets i have built are being torn down. i am the one who is responsible for making the decision and i have to own up to that. i can not play the victim. i am the reason.

no risk no reward.

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