Thursday, January 10, 2013


I know I'm a little late to the resolutions bandwagon but I want to touch on my word for 2013.

Mindful. Mindfulness.

so what does mindfulness mean to me?

"Mindfulness is the ability to notice what you are experiencing right now. The ability to be aware of what happens to you from moment to moment. You do this is an accepting way, you do not judge."
(from Flow magazine, Feeling better through mindfulness)

I want to be present, aware, constantly noticing. I don't want to miss an opportunity to laugh or give a hug. I want to take time for myself to restore and refocus, but when in the company of others I want them to know I am fully engaged.

I want to limit multi-tasking. focus on one thing, do it properly and efficiently and move on to the next.

eat with purpose.

look for inspiration. go out into the world JUST for inspiration. a walk through the neighborhood  through the magazine isle, through the vegetable section. take time to be inspired and the world will deliver.

accept others for who they are. don't spend energy or time thinking about changing another person. you wouldn't want to be changed, don't create expectations.
do not rely on them for everything but choose skills they excel at and utilize this. it will make both of us happier in the end.

when I read the Happiness Project one thing that really stuck with me is that more happiness is derived from striving to reach your goals then from the moment you finally get there. I need to remember that the end goal is not the only place to find happiness. Happiness comes from every step towards the goal I make. this can be applied all over my life. happiness from going to the gym multiple times a week instead of from a number I will one day achieve. happiness from making beautiful food and sharing it with others. happiness from going to bed knowing I put in a long day of hard work and effort on my homework.
I put off enjoying the everyday happiness in an effort to 'save' it for the big moment when everything comes together. thats backwards. happiness comes every day from working towards my goals and progressing and the trials and from living life today, instead of from that moment when I realize I did it and now theres just another thing to work towards anyway.

use my short term memory more. test myself. learn peoples birthdays and phone numbers.

always hug my friends good-bye.

I'm ready for you 2013.

(image source - mindful mondays)


Anonymous said...

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miss teacups said...

^ because that is obviously what you were talking about, haha.

I really loved this list, I think that they are all things that everyone should remember to do more of. I really loved your point (or The Happiness Project's point) or being more content in the 'reaching the goal' part rather than the end, but the getting there part, that's so true. Because when you're waiting for the end I almost feel like there would be a disappointment attached as it's already over, rather than enjoying every step along the way.

On an aside, I didn't get Mikey & I tickets to see Alt J :( I will probably most definitely regret this when the time comes for the show, however we'd both have to take off 2 days off for work and right now that's not the best idea for us as we're supposed to be saving $$, not spending extra money AND missing work. Sad, sad...growing up stuff, haha. Boo! Anyways, we'd still love to see you guys when we're in town for our Anniversary weekend (feb 16-18, maybe dinner on the Sunday if you guys are down? Or lunch...a Sunday date, any of the above if you're free and down for that!

Love you.

Here's an e-hug as I'm saying 'goodbye' ;)

Anonymous said...

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