Wednesday, January 23, 2013

currently loving : brown, linen, and ceramic

apron +
cutting board +
ceramic spoons +

Things have been busy but great. I had a little freak out today when I got home from school because there are a lot of unknown variables in my life right now but I'm feeling calmer now. The tipping point was my car acting up again, the transmission is just f*cked right up and now it does this chugging thing before the starter turns over. peters saying its because of the cold but I don't know...I hope hes right. plus we are actively looking for a new roommate and if we don't find one soon-ish then we would have to move and that makes me really sad and anxious. I do really like our apartment and especially the location. also, I don't have a job or any source on income right now so thats pretty much a constant stress haha.

but on the UPSIDE I've been going to the gym regularly, about three times a week. drinking tons of water. trying to go to bed earlier then midnight and cooking lots of tasty vegetables. I've put a loose ban on myself that doesn't allow eating out or snacking out of laziness.  I've also stopped buying chips (I KNOW RIGHT?) so thats helping because I am sure as shit not going to walk in the freezing cold to get chips when I get the munchies to eat them.

I feel so lucky to be in such a great relationship. Peter is honestly just the sweetest most loving person I know. sometimes I overreact and over analyze (he didn't fold the laundry before I got home turns into Hes never going to fold laundry again turns into Do I want to always be responsible for folding laundry forever and ever Is this my life) whoaaaa nelly. I need to reign that brain in. deal with today. focus on one thing. rationalize if it really REALLY matters.

+ made this recipe last night for spicy roasted broccoli, soooo tasty
+ Hoping to catch this while its still in Toronto (and I can get in for student price!)

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