Saturday, January 2, 2010

new years resolutions

-eat less food from packages
-go to the gym at least twice a week (or cancel the membership, its mighty expensive)
-buy a bike this summer or upgrade the one i have
-manage my anxiety better
-walk away from my job at then end of the day, everything will work out in the end
-drink more water
-get all my bills in order, pay them on time
-make a monthly/weekly budget and stick to it
-spend time contributing to my blog instead of just reading other ones
-create more, more often
-be thankful for my wonderful boyfriend
-call my parents more
-savor more moments

i am so full of hope and anticipation for this year. i have a secure job and now have a secure apartment with my secure boyfriend. its surreal that this time last year i was going through so many changes, never knowing what city i would be living in next, no job, nothing stable in my life. 2009 has proved to be a great year for figuring out what makes me happy and surrounding myself with these things. i am looking so forward to 2010 and being able to continue to 'settle down' and continually working to streamline and simplify everything.

yay 2010!!


Jacque said...

What a lovely list of resolutions! I want to buy a new bike too!! I'm thinking of something pink and vintagey!

carly. said...

yay! that's awesome!
didn't you just get a pretty awesome new, freshly painted bike this past summer??

also...i was thinking maybe if you had time, you could make our etsy shop a 'button' so people could put it on their pages? i think it'd be easy cause we could just use the one that the front of our business card looks like...? sorry, i wish i was web saavy and i could do this on my own. if you don't have time it's no biggie.

ps: 2010, more hangouts for us!! ♥

the cat whisperer said...

I need to go to the gym more too. My sister and I usually go together, but on the days she has to work or has school, I feel like I ALWAYS do something embarrassing, like get my shoelace stuck in a machine or slam a weight down so loudly the whole gym turns around to see who the idiot is. Never happens when she goes with me though, ha. Of course.

And BUDGETING, that is a good idea. I'm clueless with money. If you find something that works for you, let me know! :)

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