Monday, April 26, 2010

there are a lot of things i like in this picture.

so its decided. i am going to paris in july. i. am. sooooo. excited. ahhhhh. 

i've seriously wanted to go for about two years, and theoretically wanted to go for about five. 

i cant decide what i'm more excited about- summer, summer in paris, or summer in paris with best friend. 

in not so exciting news the computer we watch tv from has a virus that takes pop ups to a new level of interruption. 

back to good news i am getting an office at work and i think i just talked my boss into doubling the size of it. we can only go up from here. 

tried to eat healthy today. operation don't buy lunch. lasted 60% of the day. everyone at the office is addicted to those peak freans cookies with the raspberry centers. delicious little things. ive seen half a box disappear in an hour, and I honestly don't work with that many people. 

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