Monday, December 14, 2009


today i was browsing through my facebook albums and looking at pictures from the past. once upon a time i lived with my three best friends and had the BEST time of my life. un-comparable to anything else. absolutely and utterly perfect.
this picture was taken before L7 moved in, at this point it was just three sides of the square.
will you live with forever? YES! haha. it was pure coincidence really that it even happened at all. first one moved in, then two, then all of the sudden there was an empty bedroom for the third and dearest fourth might as well live here too! i don't think we could have planned it any better then fate let us enjoy it.
it was four girls living in a three bedroom apartment but it didn't feel cramped. there was too much love to get in the way and its not like someone being home stopped us from walking around in our underwear or well ANYTHING haha.
when we drink there is always spills. always. but sometimes there are also balloons and high heels and beautiful people doing ugly things.
and sometimes there are mountain goats poking out from daves body.
we had the best parties. really. truely. our dinner parties were to die for. four housewifes in training. and then sometimes we went on safari
and that was fun.
and sometimes it didn't matter who was on the dance floor (no one) it was okay to just dance your little heart out (by yourself).
the number one thing for me was always having someone who knew you so well, inside and out that could give you advice, make your day or bake you a cake. there was always something exciting to come home for. someone always had a plan for the weekend or a new place they wanted to go. it was four girls, exploring the city, learning about themselves, making lasting impressions and loving each other no matter what.
it was perfection.

xox miss you girls.

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Jacque said...

What awesome memories! I'm so jealous that you got to live with your best friends! That sounds amazing! Really cute pictures!

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