Sunday, December 6, 2009

gooood evening. what a week!! holy tolito. phewwwwwww, i honestly almost didn't make it through this one! last night i met the president after we both finished work and had a pint, by the time we got home at by 7 and had a shower i literally walked out of the shower and fell asleep by 8. needless to say my hair is comparible to a crows nest today hehe.

i just finished some online etsy xmas shopping! i am really looking forward to having a night where i can get out all kinds of ribbon and paper and go to town wrapping everything but first it all has to come in the mail. i'm staying true to my pledge to try and buy things that are handmade, and for the other non-crafty type people on my list i am trying to buy online. mostly because its cheaper but also because its like i get to open the gift first! also malls STREEESSSS me out when they are busy and generally i find everyone else in the mall is in the worst mood. i'd rather laze around and drink tea while shopping then deal with screaming children and haggard sales people.

somehow whenever i buy gifts on etsy though, i always end of buying something for myself. combined shipping, gets me EVERY time.

spent the night at home tonight. just chilllllllllling. its been way too long and i am verging on being burnt out and that is certainly not what i want to happen. its so much nicer to go into the week feeling motivated and refreshed then wondering where the time went and feeling like i got no sleep at all (which has happened the last few weekends, they were wild in the best most fun way possible)

random facts:
-almost finished a dear love, shop update
-am the keynote speaker at an event in january (need to get that together asap!)
-did not eat dinner tonight, instead opted for chips and french onion dip
-this is my 400th post
-need a christmas gift for the president, anyone have any good man gift ideas?
-really should clean up the apartment but instead am going to bed.


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