Monday, March 8, 2010



i was careless in the kitchen and caught a dish towel on fire. luckily, no one was around to see it.


the drive to Vancouver today was long. but driving through the rocky mountains is always worth it. and so is picking up the surprise chocolate cream pie along the way.

24 feb

it took a lot of will-power but we made it out with only lunch.


Right when I get comfortable with the routine, it always changes. Usually I roll with it, but today that felt almost impossible. I know he felt the same way.


he brought home wine, we cooked, and then we rock, paper, scissored to see who would go to the deli for dessert. it was a tie. we went together.

a new favorite blog, habit, found via wikstenmade.

appreciating the small things is like a deep breath, a moment to refocus. its a commonly used phrase for an uncommon practice, evaluating without passing judgment. i will pause without feeling guilt.

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