Sunday, March 28, 2010


I am totally immersed in everything to do with decorating, clearing out clutter and planning for summer.

I went to ikea saturday morning. jay needed the car for work so i rented a little mazda 5 (dream car!) zipcar and took her around town for the day. decided to make the most of having to go out to Oakville for the day (for work on a saturday boo) and spent the morning sourcing out new stuff for the apartment. can you believe i didn't buy anything but a pack of tea lights?! that has got to be a record especially since all i can think about right now is making this place nicer. it is beyond difficult to walk out of ikea buying hardly anything but i did it.

saturday night i forgot to have dinner and a couple drinks later my darling friend melissa was packing me into a cab for the night. i realized i am now officially an old lady. an old lady who is nesting.

pictures from jennifer johners the little things blog

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