Tuesday, May 25, 2010

good evening.

it was a rather good evening, i guess. do you ever have those times were something just put you in the most fowl mood. that happened to me today. i decided to try driving a new way home. i was on this road that i've never been on and the sun was shinning like a million lightbulbs in my face and there was honestly NO way to get off this street. it was sort of like a mini highway on the edge of the city and it just kept going and going and goiiiiiiing. i ended up about 6 city blocks from where i wanted to be and added about a half an hour on my trip. blarg

this weekend was fun. fun fun fun. being a city person in a small town is more entertaining then i remembered. sometimes i forget how 100% common it is for people to drink and drive in the country. its not even remotely a worry. and the best part is that they were freaking out when we lit up a pipe in a secluded place.

i'm pretty non chalant about smoking pot now. i used to get all anxious and 'ah what is everything thinking about,? do they know i'm high? how can they tell? is that a high thing to do?' then just sit there doing nothing and laughing about how stupid that is. ANYWAY now its different. less stressful more just an added relaxer. to be honest i think pot makes me a better person, i am way nicer and way more creative. i'd like to think it makes me more insightful but thats pretty hard to judge. it makes me more willing to just take it easy and not stress and thats helpful for me.

This is what Google says when it cant open my blogs:

google is so polite.

i should do this more often.

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