Thursday, June 17, 2010


tomorrow night i leave for PARIS.

tonight i can't sleep. even though i am soooooo tired.

i have those butterflies, the best butterflies, not the stressful kind. the ones that mean something wonderful is just around the corner and if only time would go fast it would be happening and it can't happen soon enough.

i would need a vacation after this weeks work. like seriously, who works consistent 12 hours days at their desk job? me thats friggen who. mrs. responsibility

hahah the first time i typed that it came out mrz. responzability. i like that because i feel like it incorporates the word spaz into the mix. what am i even talking about?

11:11 make a wish.

i wish it was exactly 12 hours from now and i was taking off into the sky. name this tune: and i'm gunna be high as a kite by then

this post highlights about how much focus i have left

dsfkjaskdfklfdkljdfj PPPPPPPARIS kkfkjdfjkdjkdfjk

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