Monday, June 28, 2010

stuck in giverny

so! today we took the train to giverny, which is the amazing place that monet painted his waterlilly paintings and lived. this is the photo story of the day.
it was filled with ammmmmmmazing flowers and gardens. its so hard to capture them in pictures, it doesn't even do it justice.
here are the waterlily's. beautiful no? i'd paint that shit too.

then cas and i had a nice picnic lunch by the river and sat down to relax. it was starting to get pretty hot so we found some shade.

erin: hey cas do you want to get going soon? we should go get the bus that takes us back to the train. in the meantime, im just going to make mushroom risotto in this stump .

cas: uhhhhhhhhh im just checking the train times and i think i might have some shocking news.

cas: ohhh this is not good.
cas: the bus doesn't come for another three weeks. it looks as though we are stranded in Giverny. is this possible...

cas: i think i just need to lie down for a moment.

This is horrible!! i am too hot to be stuck in giverny

erin: do you want to go try and get someone to help us?

erin: hey look because of this descriptive sign i know exactly where we are!

cas: I have an idea
oh wait! what is this!
cas: should we buy it? it could be our little house in giverny.

erin: i love it, lets buy it.
this house is NOT for sale
and so with no other choice then being stranded in giverny we bought a house and lived happily ever.

1 comment:

angela anne said...

hahaha that was adorable!!!
i'm so in on that little house!
and the photo of the flowers were so gorgeous!

keep having a good time, i'm so jealous!

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