Friday, June 25, 2010

second skin

bonjour! oh boy i've been so busy! every single day is a new adventure, but its amazing and wonderful and i know i will cherish these memories i am making forever.

again these photos are out of order and i actually uploaded all these shots about two nights ago and then we just haven't really been home so ta da! today you get the blog post but we've already done so much since these were taken.
this was a beautiful garden that had this amazing path with just roses growing on it. everything smelled so good. we also found these lemon leaves that when you touched them smelled like lemon of course but they were so refreshing.
we went to this cathedral, montemartre, and then had a picnic lunch of brie, mystery cheese, peaches, avacado and a baguette with butter. so lovely. things in the grocery store are much cheaper in paris it seems. like a large slice of brie was only 2 euros, butter only 2 euros. even with the exchange i still feel like that is much less expensive. even food in restaurants seems less expensive. also if you drink your coffee or wine at the bar it costs less then drinking it at a table. AND no tipping. not on meals that are less then 50-75 euros. which is most meals for us. it feels weird to be honest, wrong in some way.
yesterday afternoon we were picked up by cas's boyfriend Thomas and his father on their scooters and they took us to the fathers house in the country. it was SO much fun to ride on the scooter. this will make my boyfriend very happy i am sure because he always wants a motercycle but i didn't think they would be so fun! when we arrived at the country house cas and i tried to drive the scooter, it is standard so i figured it out pretty easily but its a hard concept to grasp and cas was having some issues. we had the most amazing dinner outside, very authentic french meal. it was lovely.

ahhahaha these birds where ATTACKING my leftovers.
rose garden fish eye lense

bon nuit!

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carly. said...

everything is so picture perfect. i'm so jealous.

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