Monday, September 6, 2010

post smonday thoughts

so! one post every two weeks. i'm killing it i know.

today i have good reason for not blogging though. rearranged the crap out of the entire apartment last night and today. pretty much every single thing in the apartment moved except one bookshelf and the couch. although the couch did scootch down the wall a little bit but eh whos looking.

this time i will show pictures. promise promise. well maybe not the whole thing but vignettes of the pretty stuff anyway.

went to the cottage friday-sunday afternoon, was fun but not as great as organizing. its fall. fall fall fall. the wonderful mysterious season of fall. my lovely friend cas who lives in paris told me that in gift shops around the world canada is always represented by fall trees. i think thats kinda funny and its true they are beautiful and so illusive. next time i go to the cottage it will be thanksgiving and full of fall.

anyway, the whole reason i brought up fall has nothing to do with turkeys of coloured leaves. for me its more of an internal change. the lazy days of summer are gone and something inside of me switches. its like going from fourth to fifth gear, my attention can focus and i can work up a sweat again. piles of paper start to bother me, drawers without purpose call my name. i definitely can't stand to look at fabric that is not folded and somehow i gain the strength to lift filing cabinets between rooms.

i really think my life calling is professional organizer.

ahh sweet dreams.


i starting writing this post sunday night and it is now thursday evening. where does the time go?!?! seriously.

here are some things i found interesting on the internet this week.

photoshop actions - have you heard of these? i need to do more research but they seem really cool. its like the cheaters way to photoshop effects.

a little quiz from NWT on design trends that have come back into style. now or then? i scored close but no stiletto

a lovely etsy shop with some really beautiful jewelry. verabel

this camera lens mug!!!! have you seen this?!!?! amazing. definitely getting this for my uncle for christmas.

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