Monday, October 4, 2010

okay okay okay. appologies!

i'm sorry. really stupidly sorry that i haven't even posted on here.

i was sitting (no joke) in roacharama's backyard oasis of peacefulness and for some reason it totally dawned on me that i should do this. THIS. should be done.

so here we are kids HA

people always ask me. hows it going? i always say "good.... busy"

but am i really busy? do I really do exceptional amounts of things? meh. doubt it. maybe more then someone who doesn't work but in the big scheme of a day or a week, i don't know if i should brag. which i guess brings me to a point that i just decided i was trying to get to.


changed my life.

i am a happier person now. my body likes me more. this is good.

i found a recipe for caramel apples with chocolate and snikers bars online today. mmmmmmmight be good.

man i am super ADD when it comes to internet surfing. i mean i guess thats the point, but emails bring me to websites that make me click on other websites, then i start thinking about a picture or a recipes then i am on the hunt for that when i find another good blog post with links of its own, and on and on and on.

and the moral of the story is, thats all i got for ya.

(its been a month, i have to work my way into this)


Anonymous said...

I get you! I take a hiatus every once in a while only because I sit down to post but end up reading others blogs on my dashboard which then lead me to other 'new' blogs...and then my time is up, gotta get back to stuff and never wrote a word down :(

good to 'hear' from you though! xo

Anonymous said...

FIIIIIIIINALLY. Give me something interesting. i just rode the elevator out of boredom again.


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