Sunday, October 24, 2010

rulers make bad lovers, you'd better put your kingdom up for sale

hello dears. busy weekend. 
thursday night at 9pm i get a voicemail from my mom that she is coming to sleep over the following evening. luckily the boy had done the PILE of dishes earlier that day so all that was left was things i don't really mind doing. 
pumpkin pie in jars from inchmark
friday afternoon my mom and brother travelled separately to toronto and after finishing up a productive week at work i met them at the apartment. greek food was what we decided on, and to the danforth we went. have you ever been to messini? best best best. always a line up -its an inconvenience but a sure sign it will be worth it. (ps they put french fries in their gyros, every male i know is blown away by this, so good)
saturday morning the three of us ventured out to the st. lawrence market and enjoyed some samples and baked apple streusel. i purchased cherry tomatoes, a basket of mixed peppers, sprout salad, whole grain bagels (with crunchy seeds on the top mmm) cheese curds (more for my brother) dried quinoa, and fresh cannelloni and this amazing pasta sauce that is alfredo, pesto and tomato sauce mixed. 

after that we walked over to the convention center to the creativ festival which was the reason for mom visit. it wasn't really my cup of tea but i do think she enjoyed herself. it suprised me how expensive yarn and patterns were. for that much money i could just buy something and save myself the grief. hahah which is exactly the difference between my mom and i because i'm sure she doesn't view it as a hassle. 

later that evening after my mom left my brother and i went to the movies with the intention of seeing the social network but it was sold out so we saw legend of the guardians, the owl movie. IN IMAX 3D. blewwwwwwwww my mind! more so the IMAX and 3D part but the movie was cute too. 

and that my friends leaves us at today. where laundry was done, items picked up, brothers dropped off, cannalonni baked and blogs read. 

i don't have any pictures for you so i hope you enjoy the ones i found around the internet today. 

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carly. said...

oh i loved that movie so much but then again i love owls so i was bound to love that movie. i thought it was so cute and magical even.


sounds like you had a lovely weekend, family time is always nice!! and hey, we get to have some of that tonight. can't wait to see you!

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