Saturday, October 16, 2010

you know that saying ...i have good news and bad news?

i don't like it. 

i was at the mac store because my work laptop stopped turning on and the lady took it into the back room for like 15 minutes, the entire time i am getting more and more stressed. what can be taking so long?             ?            then she comes back and i nearly jump over the counter TELL ME WHATS GOING ON. she says:

i have good news and bad news.

the good news is, your computer is one of the cleanest i have ever seen. hardly any dust or any spills.

i say, thats the good news? lousy good news. 

the bad news is your motherboard is fucked and something about the power not reaching the computer. and its about $900 to replace but really i wouldn't suggest putting that kind of money into it. 

shit son. 

so anyway, wish me luck on monday when i break the news to my boss. i mean it really isn't life changing for me but it was sweet to have a fast little new laptop to do work on bring home and read blogs on. 

so i'm back to my old mac. he may be a little larger, a little (lot) heavier, a little dirtier and a little slower but you know what HE WORKS. i realized last night, this computer is 6 years old. SIX. tell me a pc that still works 100% after 6 years. i mean i replaced the battery but only by choice and because jay insisted and bought one for a good price on ebay. but its still running perfectly. well and the screen was replaced but that was because my corkboard fell on it in second year and i paid heavily for that mistake. BUT my own fault, not the computers. 

so i'd like to just put a little good will out there. a shout out to the mac gods who have kept this computer safe. i can't thank you enough. you bring me blogs in the morning and recipes on the weekends. you keep my pictures safe (and your pal lacie does a good job of that too) and my music current. he has travelled with me to all 12 places i have called home since i bought him and i do respect him as a reliable electronic. there aren't that many out there.


ps. for anyone else with an old(ish) white laptop, i give you my number one tip for keeping the keyboard and exterior clean - mr. clean magic eraser. works wonders. 

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