Tuesday, January 11, 2011


yes i am here!


so. whats new you say?

a gabillion things.

but for starters.

thanks for reading this. really. if your reading this you i owe you big time. i'm grateful for your patience and your ability to check back every so often. even if i let you down more times then not. your the best.

now...everyone has blogged the crap out of new years resolutions and yes i completely understand if you don't want to listen to another person ramble bramble on about how 2011 is going to be



so without further ado (sp?)........

i give you my 5/11 resolutions for 2011 on 01.11.11

1. drink more coffee

yes so for most people this is counter productive their body but I LOVE COFFEE. real coffee, anything made with espresso and hearty 2% milk. coffee makes me happy, it makes me giddy, it makes me productive. and we all know how much i LOVE productivity. coffee is my treat. the ultimate saturday starts with a latte with cinnamon. i'm a better person with coffee. i guess my resolution could be be a better person, but lets cut the chaise and give credit where credit is due.

2. give more compliments

i love when i get compliments. it makes me happy to see someone noticed something. i need to pass this feeling along. pay it forward. give to others what i have received.

thanks again for reading this.

3. eat real meals on weekdays

a real meal does not come from a drive-through window, or from the take-out section of the grocery store. it doesn't come in a square box with dipping sauce.
weekdays are not my best examples of being a housewife. i rarely get home before 8 and i've been really lazy about making food. BUT. there are things that are easy to make.
there are so many more things. so no more excuses. eat at home.

4. call my friends more.

if being a friend was judged on how quickly i return your phone call or email.

i would fail.


but 2011. i will make the effort. you will see.


5. get back into the crafty spirit.

i used to really like making things. and then....i just wasn't inspired. but i can feel it start to tingle back up into me. i have some pretty great fabrics laying around and yes. yes yes yes. i will make something wonderful with them. and IF i keep this goal up i will reward myself with a new sewing machine. because 60% of not pulling it out to make things is because its a temperamental bitch and eats fabric. but when i don't use it i can't justify buying a new one. ITS A VICIOUS CYCLE. that ends now.

and so does this blog post.

but i will be back.

there are still 6 more resolutions to be told!

good night kids.

and again. your the best.

1 comment:

cupcake cutie said...

wow i totally love your resolutions, they are all so good and realistic, and we share a few of the same ones!

also, i recently found out that we have a mutual friend...julia morris! what a small world, we were trying to figure out the connection and then we realized the connection is CARLY<3

anyway, good luck with your resolutions! and i see you love chai tea lattes, me too! did you know that they are 50% off at starbucks between 2 and 5 until sunday!? haha i was so excited about that.

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