Wednesday, January 19, 2011


such a good show.

i would like to write this show. or be on it? or market it?

there is just this guy with a bow tie pulling eels out of jars.

i wanted to show you this but google isn't feeling it.

anyway. haha. sidebar.

i remember once my friend mel said that in the middle of a lengthy speech/discussion/answer and shes going on and on and all of the sudden ...but actually side bar!. or something to that affect.


i never know.

there needs to be a riddle. like i before e

and never eat shredded wheat.

i can't even tell you how many times i use these riddles. i mean i know east is to the left on a map. i know this. but i default just do it in my head. always.

i debate about talking about this but its a point i feel i want to make and its on my mind and that is enough criteria on this random thing thats sometimes a blog.

and its not run on sentences although i guess we both kind of went there.


i kind of want to change jobs. but. its so hard to know! how can you know? tell me please. i hope this doesn't turn into a 'thought the grass was greener on the other side' situation.

there are also a lot of reasons not to switch. (okay i say switch like i have something lined up but thats not even close to the truth, i have nothing lined up, its just sorta floating around in my head lately) some of these reasons include i make decent money, my boss and i get along well, it has earning potential/could branch into other similar jobs, i like the people i work with a lot, i will get an amazing 20' x 14' office with three windows and room for an assistant within two months. but.

there are also downsides. such as new company i.e. no proven success, everyday is a bit of a mess, limited stability. possibility of pay increase/more vacation time. although i feel like this is semi possible at current job too.

okay now i see this in list form i am tempted to wait this feeling out haha.

Congratulations you are reading one of the outlets of my lists. listslistslists. i love lists.

ilovelists. il ove lists. il ovel sits. ilo velsits. ilov elsists. ilovel sists. okay anyway enough of that.

i'm really digging raymi lately. do you other blog people read her? shes good. its like big brother/sex in the city/toronto life popped out a love child. i read her blog every day without fail. i am giving you fair warning this dedication is easily easy to fall for. hah easily easy. boom. i'm leaving that little bomb for you. I DON'T BACKSPACE MY LIFE.
i bet she gets a bagillion hits a day, i couldn't even imagine.

well google gave a couple of mentionable responses to I DONT BACKSPACE MY LIFE:

just kidding. they were terrible.

actually maybe we are on to something...

the duck was kind of worth it.

okay well its almost 11 and i am trying out a new routine where i get to work at 8 and try and leave before 5. today was a total fail. i was there before 8 but somehow didn't leaving until 7. ?? i don't even know why. well i do, but its not like i'm a brain surgeon or anything this shit isn't life or death. but it does have deadlines.

goodnight dears.

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Anonymous said...

please make every blog post like this....when you're high, I presume? see you later today!


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