Monday, July 18, 2011



this is a big thing for me right now. i want to make connections, meet people, new people, build stronger bonds with my friends. hah first time i wrote that it said bongs. build stronger bongs with my friends. pot head on DIY show.

so yes connections. I feel like I get into ruts about things. music. food. etc etc and i feel like its been a while since I made a new friend. wow that sounds lame. but really, a friend who i met without the introduction of another friend,  so then its really just stealing a friend, but an honest to goodness, i met this person in the street and we connected friend. does this even happen? hah. maybe i am setting my standards too high. i would like to meet a friend who shares simple interests. cooking. thrifting. design. experiencing life.

where does one find a new friend?

i was speaking to a friend about how dogs are great for meeting people. granted they are usually other people with dogs that your meeting, but at least there is a great conversation starter. if you have a dog at the park you can pretty much go up and talk with any other person who your dog is playing with.

i said this to my friend the other day and we happened to be sitting on a park bench and not 2 minutes later this semi-cute guy came by with a golden lab and bam, he starts the conversation off about his dog.

bah. dating.

not me. not now.

keeping my shit together right now requires a lot of alone time. i cant even think about going out and potentially needed to give up more time to another person.

hah i guess that may be why my campaign for new friends is failing miserably haha.

this weekend i went up to my cottage. and no one was there! that neeeeeever happens. it was so peaceful. so calm, so relaxed. i wish our beach/dock was more private or I would have gotten rid of these tan lines once and for all but yeah there was children playing around so tan lines it is.

its when I am alone that I feel like I can connect with whats important to me. I can focus on letting my stress go, making sure I drink enough water and simple pleasures like painting my nails.

our house seems to have a lot of drop ins. which is FINE. and i like it. and i am an Italian grandmother always trying to feed people but then I have a day of alone time and don't get too inside my head and i feel rested. i feel grounded again. this is why my home is SO important to me. I need a place I can retreat to, live comfortably in, sit without interruption.

I like that 50% of this post was about making new friends and 50% was about how much I love alone time and don't have time for more people in my life. CONUNDRUM.

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