Wednesday, July 27, 2011

she rules her life like a bird in flight

today i woke up and thought it was thursday.

just kidding its only wednesday! fudge.

i have come to an agreement with myself. I will be looking for a new job. there are many reasons for this, mostly professional, although some are personal. I want a job where I can use my creativity. walk away and feel like I created something that didn't exist before. its the something from nothing concept.

I want a job downtown. convenience yes, but also because when i have to take the ttc, walk the streets, take different routes, i get to experience more of this city. behind the wheel is not how i love toronto. walking is how i find out there is a davids tea just down the street from my house(!!) and that i like roast beef sandwiches. driving brings me to shop at places like walmart and box stores because of their expansive parking lots.

it will be different. I have worked here for one year and 7ish months. this place has been good to me.

but. its not the long term goal.

and if you know anything by now its that i'm slightly addicted to life change. big changes. if things are not working for me I am almost irrational in getting rid of them or changing how i deal with the situation. i am NOT a complacent person.

its the reason i have lived in 8 different places in 5 years. the reason my boyfriend of 6 years is now a great friend and trusted adviser. the reason i am balls to the walls busy almost everyday.

so in an effort to not be all talk and no action i will revisit the summer goals. 

Summer Goals!

buy a one piece black bathing suit (scored for $24 thank you joe fresh)
-learn to slalom ski  - long weekend this weekend, I will be taking this goal seriously!
-grow a vegetable garden   the major players this year are basil, rosemary, oregano and the pepper plant is loving life. tomato plants haven't produced anything but white flowers yet and the sunflower never quite recovered from the week I went to BC and brother ian forgot that plants need water
-buy a record player - Done!
-bbq as much as possible - Always!
-get the heck out of the city - yes yes and yes. i have been up to the cottage this summer more then any other summer before. I am so lucky to have a cottage just over an hour from my downtown apartment, and i am fully making good use of it. 
-buy a beautiful bicycle with a large basket  need to do this!
-launch two birds eatery with my best friend turned baker now business woman   -I could semi cross this out as we've done a lot so far! the eatery still hasn't officially opened its doors but almost all of the graphic design has been completed and things are certainly under way. 
-tan a millions tans not finished tanning by any means but i've certainly got a good base
-decorate my new apartment if you know me you know this is NEVER finished but I do think i've made huge progress since moving day when i looked around and panicked about how little furniture i had. i do think that the housewarming kicked my butt into gear about hanging the last pictures and buying the last few things on craigslist. 
-sangria. copious amounts of it. white wine sangria, red wine sangria, sangria party at my place I did it! I TRIPPLED a sangria recipe for the housewarming and a friend who doesn't like red wine or brandy was gulping this stuff up. Success!
-go camping. maybe quebec. whos in? need to organize this slash how about everyone just comes to my cottage for a weekend + thursday and friday???
-various fitness and health goals like eating less crap and more pure ingredients, start going to pilates, and possibly yoga again, drink so much water. take my multi vitamins drink my vital greens. sleep more, coffee less, focus more. well I certainly haven't been setting any new fitness records but I DID have my first Pilates class last night and have a one week unlimited pass that i will be taking full advantage of. once i figure out what classes i enjoy i plan on signing up for two classes a week. 
my eating has been healthy and i am addicted to this garden salad the grocery store close to my work makes. this means that instead of harveys drive through i am eating salads and soup at lunch. big improvement! plus drinking tons of water. new favorite drink - water with cucumber slices! sooooo refreshing
sleep is on track, but i may need to invest in a white noise machine, the street noise is very loud in the mornings. why do they do garbage collection at 6am?! and the school across the street from me has one of those big box garbage containers that the truck flips over and empties every morning at 6:30. gahhahaHA annoying!  
trying to cook dinner or at least eat something at home, its going well. the bbq is a saving grace in this heat. 

so all in all, i think i am on track! 

looking forward to this long week, too bad it isn't really thursday. :(

ps. these pictures were taking with my film camera while in BC

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