Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'll do her anyway

wow its been a lifetime since I last posted. I honestly can't even believe its been so long.

so yes, big news, google reader, my trusted blog content curator is no longer going to be around BUT, I have a great new option.

Feedly...heard of it? its serrrrriously awesome if you have an iphone.
heres some pics ..

ok, first of all, in about 3 nanoseconds it will import your google reader, if thats what you currently use.

and right away it set up this lovely interface of my blogs to read..

and the best part - on your phone it has SUCH a beautiful look. every photo is full screen and the blog post title is overlayed onto the image.

this is kind of geeky but its cloud based so what that means is that everything is always synced. if you read a post on your phone and then log into the computer it will still show it as read. same as google reader but for the newbs out there (mom and davey)(i.e. my fan base) this is a great app. 

so what else is new? 

I'm 26 now. 

I'm 26 and i'm going to be switching to wordpress. this blogger garbage is garbage barf. 

see how easy it is? 


having a party tonight. 

probably starting whole30 on Monday

have a shit ton of homework to do these days

probably should be working on that. 

yeah, I'll be back with a more meaningful post on being older and dumber and all that jazz. 

1 comment:

Dave Cave said...

reading this kind of made me love blogger a little more? i can't leave it no matter how badly they treat me!!!

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