Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hi kids,

So Kathleen from Braid is having a contest to win a spot in her Braid workshop at the start of May. All you have to do is answer the questions below and comment on her post. I figured since I was writing something out I might as well share it here as well.

1. What is your art? 

I want to help people get what they want out of the online experience and present themselves in the best way possible. 

Right now I am (21) days away from finishing my diploma in Web Design </holycrap>. I feel its important for me to work in a small to medium sized agency after I graduate to continue learning and make new connections. My dream job would be to work in a creative environment and be a digital media producer. I see it as a professional list maker and task organizer, prioritizer and facilitator. And thats the kind of stuff I love to do. I also want to work for myself and start doing freelance work as often as possible. Ultimately, I'd like the freelance work to be able to sustain my income and time in the long run. 

I also really want to find the voice of my blog. Which really should have happened already because I have been blogging for six years and have always thought that it is completely possible to make it into something great. I've always been stuck between a personal hang up of sharing too much or when to share and how to market it as a place where I share my thoughts...and if thats even a marketable thing. 

2. For you, what is the scariest part about sharing yourself? 

I am thinking a long time about how to answer this question because I am not sure what my answer is. Small things come to mind...misspelling a simple word infront of a group of people, forgetting someones name when its impossible to retrace your sentence, having my dress tucked into my panty hoes (all things that have happened already haha). 

The obvious thing that comes to mind is rejection but I feel like pulling off a band aid. Its sharp and painful at first but it passes quickly. When you work in the creative field its important to remember just how many points of view are out there and not one of them is completely 'wrong'. 

Being authentically me when I first meet people is very hard. I find I am very polite and smily and agreeable, and even though I do possess those qualities I feel like I'm a sugar coated version of myself. I'd like to come across more thoughtful, taking the time to construct my answers and replies before I blurt them out. 

3. For you, what is the hardest part about selling your work? 

Committing to anything really specific (I have the frequently Pisces ability to be able to see merits to both sides of the argument.) Or in broader terms I am easily swayed by so many options or possibilities that I end up having a hard time committing to one idea or style.  I feel like I have so many interests and passions that its hard to say "___ is exactly what I want to do". I'm feeling a little lost on what exactly is my strongest points, and what I will enjoy the most and where those things overlap.

I often don't defend my work as much as I should -I want to stand up for it more. Especially being in a classroom environment of teachers and students, I usually take the teachers advice and recommendations and make the changes...whereas others in my class have more defined points of view that allows them to passionately stand up for their work. I wish I could have more of that. 

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