Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lately its been raining pretty much every day and I've had enough of it.

BUT! but the silver lining is that april showers bring may flowers and will also bring a healthy vegetable garden for me this year.

I found these old film pictures from at least a year (maybe more?) ago. I wish that camera still worked.

They seemed to fit my mood right now. Well no, not really...but they fit the mood.

Lately things have been so upside down and backwards in an alter universe world.

We decided to take the night off from work Thursday night and Peter choose to go to Ikea (I know!) and then Friday night I wanted to go to the movies (right?!)

And other less tangible things have been backwards, just the way we are acting with each other. Me telling him to relax and calm down and just chill. which is like the complete opposite of the rest of our relationship haha.

Peters been working non-stop and hes been coping with that like a champ.

I've been powering through the last of my school projects and deadlines.

Sharing a computer at home right now is INTENSE. Usually we would decide who gets to use the computer by who needs it the most but when we both need it LIFE OR DEATH DEADLINE thats when it gets ugly my friend.

anyone else getting the feeling this summer is going to be epic?

yeah me too.



Dave Cave said...

Erin! I say this without an ounce of sarcasm.... those photos are beautiful! Sometimes i "forget" that you're a talented artist, then BAM art art art. You need to do that more. The first photo is so mystic and serene.

oh man. Yeah. this summer. This summer is going to be epic/intense. Maranda predicted it at the end of 2012 (they're a mystic!)

Here's why:
-i'm slutty
-i'm hotter!
-#FatApril is gonna turn into #FatterMay and then #FattestJune and then #LeanOutJuly
-i do drugs now
-i eat beef
-medication workin????

i'll have the house to myself July/August. oh man the possibilities.

Also, (i know this is an email now) super funny story.... so i was chatting on line with this Dude/Hook up whatever and he told me to meet me at the back of The Grand, so i'm texting him, being like, "okay, i'm here waiting for you when you're done drinking!". And then out walks Peter's Dad? And i was all "AW HELL NOOOOO" but i had seen the dude's photo, and it was obviously not him.... just weird timing/awkward feelings. Don't worry if i'm fucking anyone's dad it's.....

doors are fucking awesome

miss teacups said...

YES! I agree with Dave, these photos are really, really great. I love them and the emotions they give off...

Also, yes...this summer will be epic! More hangouts are a must! You & Peter need to come here for a night when school is done okay?

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