Tuesday, May 28, 2013

super tender, super easy weekday chicken parm

now, first things first, this isn't my recipe. Its peters, but he was kind enough to share it with me and that doesn't surprise me because he's kind enough to make it for me at least once a week. 

I'm not much of a chicken breast kind of person. I like white meat but the thought of a whole chicken breast slathered in bbq sauce or something doesn't really appeal to me. to be honest its just too much meat for me. these chicken parms are perrrrrfect to make a pack of chicken breasts last for a few meals because we all know how expensive those buggers are. They are crispy and tender, soooooo tender, melt in your mouth almost, and are relatively healthy. And versatile! I like mine just on the side of a big salad, peters a bit more traditional with his on a bun but we've eaten them on wraps, over top of pasta, and as a side to countless veggies. 

oh and before we get into the ingredients, the quantities of each ingredient will really depend on how many chicken breasts your making at once. Eyeball it and you can always add more.  

pack of chicken breasts (mine had three in it)
marinara sauce
cheese (cheddar for me, goat cheese for him)

Wet mix:
1 cup mayo
1tsp worcestershire (weirdest word to spell ever)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar 

Dry mix: 
1 cup bread crumbs (sometimes he adds some panko in there if we have it)
salt and pepper

preheat oven to 450 degrees

cut the chicken breasts in half longways so they are flatter. keep cutting the breasts until they are approx identical sizes,  this will keep your cooking time consistent and ensure they are all done at the same time. 

wrap the individual chicken breasts in saran wrap and pound them with a small heavy pan or a mallet if you have one. 

dip and smother the flattened breasts in the mayo mixture ensuring it is completely covered

then dip in bread crumb mixture until completely covered

place on baking sheet. (you may want to butter the pan just slightly so they don't stick)

repeat until they are all coated. 

bake for 20 minutes. pull out and add marinara sauce to the tops and then the cheese. (I skipped the cheese in the pictures below and opted instead for peppers and onions)

back for another 10 minutes. 


in other non-cooking news i've been pretty busy lately! every week has brought a new challenge, first a week of interviews, then a week of negotiating/second interviews and now a week of finishing up freelance work before starting my first week of the new job.

Man oh man there were some stressful moments in those weeks. It was really hard for me to choose which option to go with (I had multiple offers to choose from, which I am so grateful for, but was also super hard to know what to do) and even harder to say no to some of the options. I wish I was better at just establishing what I wanted and then communicating it to others but I'm so flip floppy and its never black and white. I tried to live with the advice they told us at school, 'go with your gut!' 'get the job you want, not the job you think you should have' etc etc but ultimately it came down to how I felt in the interview and what option I thought woud be good for me right now. my gut wasn't any help, I must say, it was going in 100 different directions.

okay I must get back to work, daytime television is so crappy haha I just saw I television show explaining what text message codes 'kids these days are sending' did you know NCOC means no clothes on camera? no?


mel said...

This looks delish! I'm jealous that it's made for you often :)
This recipe is similar and is a fave of ours:
Where'd you get a new job? That was a fast year of school - good for you!

Kait said...

I'm coming over *_*

Good luck next week! I'm sure you'll rock it :D. New jobs are always so exciting and nerve racking. I'm sure you made the right choice for you!

NCOC is..... creepy. like what the hell?!? Oi, kids.

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