Wednesday, August 7, 2013

thoughts on...whole30

why hello there. its been a while.

Today marks the first day of our whole30 challenge.

I am excited, slightly nervous and not even a little hungry. no dairy, no wheat (or gluten for that matter), no booze, no sugar.

I've been pinning recipes like crazy, you can find my board here. And I'm very excited to start cooking some of these dishes!

The best part is that Peters doing it with me so I have support from him and we can motivate each other. Its also practical because he's the main chef in the house and now we can enjoy the same meals together.

The hardest part will be the social aspect of giving up certain foods and lifestyle. We have beers and drinks with friends usually multiple times a week so I'm not sure how that will play out. I also find that working in an office and going out to grab lunch with co-workers is the main time that we chat and bond, so to give this up is also unknown to me.


miss teacups said...

You don't have to give things up, don't look at it like's just making adjustments really. You'll find that it's tough the first few days and definitely an adjustment to your normal everyday but it's such an amazing experience!! You're going to love it by day...15ish, just give it time! You're also going to want to murder someone in the process, but don't worry that passes ;)

Mikey & I are also doing the whole30, again for me, in September!

PS: You couldn't have waited til September so we can get drunk at the famjam party together eh?? ;) Half kidding...

mel said...

Wow good for you two. I want to try it but at the same time feel like I need more of a routine first. Maybe in October? That's when things slow down a bit for me...
Good luck! I'm going to check out your board.

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