Friday, January 23, 2009

i didn't get these legs by doing pull ups

good morning!

edit: its now quarter past 10 on the pm side of the sun, where has the day gone?! 

last night i accidently got drunk on champagne. it was originally bought to be a toast to change and the new president, but since we are all busy unorganized people it was popped last night. instead of listening to Obama inspire the dreams and hopes of the american people we opted to watch the inspiration that is nature. and the bbc. life of mammals is like planet earth but instead of being divided by climate/geography its divided by characteristics of the animals like 'meat eaters', 'climbers' and 'back to the sea'. 
i don't think i have ever seen anything produced by the bbc and not been thoroughly impressed. 
i want this guys job. the man, not the otter. or the meerkat for that matter. 

i have a confession. i used to curl. like as in go curling. 

this picture is killing me right now:
anyway the point was that when i was curling i would sometimes purposely not go to the bathroom before an important game. i found that when i had minor discomfort i would play better. 
it sounds superstitious but i think that kind of thing actually works. 

here i go getting all psychological again but when my life is uncomfortable or stretched i think i play better. catch on to more of the subtleties and take more of the risks. i feel more alert. 

although i could also feel some of those things because of my new enemy workout. jay and i have been trying out some of the p90x videos and its pretty effin hard. though in my defense, working out consistently has never really been my thing. who am i kidding, working out at all ummm never really happened. we keep forgetting to take 'before' pictures and its unfortunate because i can already see a difference. which is pretty wicked and motivating. 


Zoeyjane said...

Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple. Even if you don't like her voice, the lyrics might sing to you.

Dave Cave said...

oh snap, I can't believe you are doing the p90x stuff...what's next...a magic bullet?

p.s. I started blogging again.

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