Friday, January 9, 2009

jack of balls

this makes me want to start painting on porcelain again. i stopped because firing the pieces was always an inconvenience. my nana has about five kilns at her house that she runs non-stop but it was a matter of getting the pieces there without smudging or ruining them in transit. i love the clean and simple illustrations of this designer. bailey doesnt bark. 

im killing time waiting for people to come and look at my apartment. i'm not sure if my mom reads this but HI MOM i'm giving up the lease on my apartment, putting everything i own in storage and moving to waterloo and getting a waitressing job! surprise! if you didn't see that one coming, i didn't either. 
its a long and partially neurotic story but it comes down to listening to my heart instead of my head and throwing caution to the wind. i was pretty settled in toronto but i've never lived in the same place for longer then 6 months in the past couple years anyway. i've never been one to last very long on easy street. gotta have something to bitch talk about right? 

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carly. said...

i lovelovelove those dishes. except for the ants...those ones gave me the heeby geebys.

so! you're moving to waterloo? what's in waterloo? moving around lots is fun. you'll settle when you want to. for now, move as often as you can!

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