Saturday, August 7, 2010

check this out. new york times Christoph Neimenn perfectly illustrates what a red eye flight is like. or any flight for that matter. pretty funny stuff.

have you heard of airbnb? i recently discovered it! you can type in your destination and the dates and it gives you listings of people who are renting out their apartment/house/room in a house for those dates. and the prices are extremely reasonable! I was looking at a whole apartment in Montreal for $38 per night. it would be even better then a hotel if you were looking to go for a longer length of time because you could use the kitchen and not have to eat out every meal. Because they are someone's homes most come with free wifi, cable, and sometimes even laundry facilities.

today was lovely. i wipped something up in the kitchen i will share with you very soon. it was DELICIOUS.

also went to my favorite thrift store and scored a black set of etienne aigner heels (EA i couldn't resist, plus they are suuuper comfortable) a brown leather jacket (not vintage but still a good deal for $25) and a striped blue shirt that will be perfect for fall.

fell asleep on the couch from 6-9 tonight and then remembered i promised the boy i would do laundry. its 11pm on a saturday night, is YOUR laundry clean? better yet, are you home alone DOING the laundry? my life is riveting.

i'm transferring all the pictures over to my computer right now and have high hopes of organizing them so i can upload the paris ones to facebook and burn the work ones onto CDs and blog the rest of them. i think there are like 2000 pictures on my camera right now haha. whooooops when did that happen?

does anyone else use aperture to store and organize their photos? i've started using it since it came on my new computer but i feel like i'm missing something, whats the difference between an album and a book and a new project?

update: there was 2229 pictures that just finished uploading. now they are all screaming ORGANIZE ME.

i've been eyeing up this print from hammerpress for the last week. it would be ppppperfect for my living room. the only downer is that with shipping its close to $60 usd. in my experience shops in the states really jack up the shipping prices to send product over the border. as someone who has sold mannnnny things to people in the US i feel this is totally unreasonable. yes it is usually a few dollars more, but not 4 or 5 times the price of domestic shipping. even stores like urban outfitters (who have 3 retail locations in toronto alone) charge a crazy amount to ship things here. its unfortunate too because for larger chains like that the really good sales seem to never make their way far enough north.

i digress, a gorgeous $35 letter press print, now $60 because of its journey? i got alllll the way to the check out and then couldn't do it. no sale.

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