Friday, August 20, 2010

playing hooky


so guess who is NOT at work today?! AH! i love my boss....i was complaining that i never get to see my bf, J, and even though we live together i still never get to spend time with him. yeah maybe a couple hours one night a week but lets be honest, after a full days work i'm beat. and somehow a miracle happened and J got four whole days off in a ROW.

let me tell you how rare this is. this is more rare then people who like to eat cheese whiz and pickle sandwiches. this is more rare then finding a main floor apartment near high park where dogs are allowed. this is so unbelievably rare that i had to miss work for it.

so, my friends, instead of my one hour drive into work today, i did the laundry. and instead of answering the 35 emails that i have already received today, i packed a picnic lunch. and instead of adjusting the budget, booking ads, reviewing agreements and generally getting shit done, i had a shower, made espresso and blogged. the simple joys.

i'll let you know what we get up to on this glorious sunny FRIDAY.

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