Saturday, February 5, 2011

i am trying to post pictures but they are completley out of order and this computer doesnt seem to have a copy paste? whats up with that.

okay so i just added the keyboard shortcut in the control panel and still no copypaste. blarf.

this is my brothers computer. i like it slash want my own. maybe for my birthday? maybbbbbbbbe just for fun?

i like new technology. i wouldn't say i am smart at it but ...i'm interested in it? i don't know. where is this even going? hahaha dave this is for you buddy. you know exactly where this came from.

alright so i should probably get out of the house today. but i also haven't had a 'day' alone in so so so so long. i have a love hate relationship with being alone. i like to control my exposure to people. when i lived alone i was in complete control of when i saw people, when i could just be naked, when i could binge on coffee and clean like a madwomen. thats another thing, i could control the mess. i am not a messy kinda girl. i like clean surfaces and limited dirt. i rarely ever even had dishes when i lived alone...i would just wash everything right when i finished with it.

wow aren't you glad your reading about how i like to do dishes? sorry. coffee talking.

i have some pictures for you but they are completely out of order so i can't publish it yet. its supposed to a pillow tutorial slash i sewed some squares together.

florence and the machine? i know i know i am late to the party. also crash kings? their whole cd is really good.

do people use msn anymore? hah why am i asking so many question this is a blog oh man. i ask a lotttttt of questions in real life. i just like to know!
i like to know little facts and wonder why people do certain things. analyze everything to the max. BUT WHY DID THEY DO THAT. i should be a detective.

tonight i am going out for ethiopian food. its sooooooo good. and you get to eat it with your hands, SO FUN. everything is a saucy yummy mixture and then its places on this bread type crepe almost and then you roll up the bread and dip it and spoon it into your mouth.

the end.


Anonymous said...

This is the Erin I fell in love with.


meredith r. mistletoe said...

I got really really into Florence right before Christmas and I couldn't get enough of it. And then suddenly I had enough of it and don't really care anymore. It was super bizarre!

also, yesssssss ethiopian food. so cheap this place on bloor... I wish I were there right now

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