Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new necklace

so every once in a while we get around to listing some items on ebay around here. and then i pack it up in brown craft paper, usually add a bit of Japanese paper tape, and walk it down to the closest post office.

and every so often that item is something that i picked up specifically to flip on ebay and can usually make around 15-20%. but i'm not going to tell you what it is but it hasn't let me down once.

so every so often i have a bit of money in the pay pal that i can use and spend without (so much) guilt. (i'm not a spender. really. i buy lots of things between 1-5 dollars and everything else is a thought out, well researched, purchase. i'm not really into shopping malls either so it makes it easier)

anywhoooo i've been in the market for a new necklace lately. ever since my favorite one was lost on a wonderful day in paris, i have been looking for its replacement.

here are some that make the cut!

available at nobletownvintage $32.00
available at prairieoats $64.00
available at cagebreakbird $34.00
available at nobletownvintage $24.00
available at missashleylu $42.00
available at nobletownvintage $32.00
available at LuOwl for $50.00
available at nobletownvintage $24.00
available at threehorses on sale for $25.00
available at MireilleLagow $46.00
available at elephantine for $35.00

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

#4 for sure!

I hope you're joking about #9, it looks like a hairy chest.


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