Thursday, February 24, 2011

there are so many things to say. 

i had the best time with a best friend. L came to visit. gosh i love that gal. there are tons of reasons but randomly the reason that is sticking with me right is she is so polite. and friendly! she will smile at people, straight in the face, always always says thank you and please. i've been so jaded to this toronto landscape of putting my head down and thinking i was being polite with small glimpses of eye contact and the occasion thanks. politeness is such a breeze of fresh air. 

news years reasolution - be more polite. 

remember how i only blogged the first 6 resolutions of 2011. i think i wrote out another 3 or 4. what ever happened to those? the publish button is just one small step but for some reason its the hardest. 


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