Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I will stop apologizing soon and get back to regular blogging but for now here is just a few random thoughts.

-watering my plants and watching them grow and bloom gives me a lot of joy. I've even tried to buy fresh flowers for the apartment on fridays so I can enjoy them when I am home on the weekend and throughout the week.

-Its frustrating to be turned away from government programs that only help people who aren't even helping themselves.

-P has been training full time for his new job as a post man. I am beyond proud of him and we are both so happy to have something secure and perfectly suited to him. He has to be at work at 7am (awake by 5:30am) so we are going to bed SO much earlier ..usually around 9pm. what a difference! I usually read for a bit before I'm able to fall asleep but I hope to get my sleep schedule turned around so I can wake up with him and be more productive in the mornings before work.

-meal planning. again, what a difference! it saves us from BBM'ing all afternoon about what we want to eat and be more efficient about grocery shopping. Its also great because I'm able to start meals in the morning (in the crock pot or marinating) and when he gets home its easy to finish and be on the table soon after I get home. Before we would plan a meal in the afternoon then go to the grocery store when I got home, and by the time we cooked and got it to the table it would be like 7-8pm. with our new sleep schedule it just didn't work out!

- new day planner. I loooooove me a good day planner and this one I just got is great. it has a month at a glance calendar page which is great for long term planning and big spaces for each week at a glance page so I can put in all my To Do's. love love love a good planner.
Also side note. I ordered a black one through work but they messed up the order and sent me a coral one which looked gross on the website but is beautiful in real life. good mistake staples!

- I need to order film for my Polaroid camera.

- I'm now an iphone user. yay!

- I've reduced my pilates to one night a week instead of two. I'm still going to try and get some exercise twice a week though.

have a wonderful week.

all photos from http://penabranca.tumblr.com//


miss teacups. said...

Peter is a post man now?? That's so funny...Mikey has been dying to get in there, that's what he wants to do as well. I'll be curious to hear how it goes!

Iphones, yay!! Do you have instagram yet or what? Add me: missteacups...of course :)

mel said...

I also want a job at Canada Post. My cousin works for them in Calgary and swears it's the best thing ever.
Also - did you know you can buy Polaroid film from aden Camera at Yonge & dundas? It's from the impossible project and works out to be cheaper than paying for shipping.
I haven't bought any yet, but should soon ;)

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