Monday, March 19, 2012

instagram cheat sheet

so, lately I have been SUPER addicted to instagram. you feeling me here people? its so good! 

The best social network, imho. Just beautiful photos, snap shots of peoples lives all over the drunk bar pictures, ugly baby pictures (I'm not trying to be mean here I swear, but some people, mostly people from Lindsay, should just never have babies together) or the other garbage that goes along with facebook. 

Instagram is awesome and I came across this sort of 'how to' so if your new to instagram like me, it could be very helpful! 

in other iphone news...whats your favorite apps? best camera/editing/filter/frame apps? any organization ones you swear by? games? (i've also become fairly addicted to the family feud game) 

Hey so now you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin which is pretty rad!

1 comment:

miss teacups. said...

Tip 12 is a good one! Definitely learned some things from you posting this so thanks :)

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