Thursday, February 28, 2013

its 16 miles to the promised land

Okay so I don't usually post about clothing or style because I really don't consider myself doing anything ground breaking or ...really have that much interest in clothing? I know some of you will think thats cray but..yeah...I just sort of find things that fit at thrift stores and buy most of my shoes second hand or in Kensington market and pants are really the only thing I spend money on. and even then, I have one pair of black skinnies that I live in and then a pair of jeans that I should really replace now that I've grown into my new quarter life body. 

But the other day I saw a few of these pictures on a blog and was really drawn to them. simple clothing. simple colours. heels? loose hair. belts. 

I need some inspiration for re-entering the work world in April and this is what I'm being drawn too. 

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Dave Cave said...

hey the first and last look are the best, only because it appeals to the minimalist/pracitcalness of me. Solid colours.... everything matches everything. Less decisions to make and you use things more instead of having ONE THING THAT ONLY GOES WITH THAT OTHER ONE THING. you know?

Also what's ur cell number? i know i know... ur saved in my phone under three different nick names and all of them were answered by not you. tried calling u yesterday bbgirl (baby girl, not bareback girl. or black berry? Viewer's choice!)

miss teacups said...


Anyway, these looks are awesome! I have saved many similar looks to my Pinterest lately. I love love love the simplicity of a great pair of denim or pants with a super simple, amazing cotton t-shirt. I rock this look a lot! I just wish I could do the heels always seems to make the outfit look more put together and polished!

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