Monday, July 14, 2008

Drive this little girl insane and fly away to someone new

I just woke up from the 'real-est.' dream I have had in a really long time. YOU were in it. yes you, you know who you are.

A girl I didn't know and I were in my house, I am assuming we were roommates or something. I think this girl and I were friends and I didn't feel threatened by her or anything. All I can remember is she had dirty blond hair. She was helping me make my bed when her cell rang. she answered it and you were on the other end. You and her talked for a while and when I asked who it was, she just ignored me.

a little while later, dream time, you came to the door with the supplies to make breakfast. All I remember is you had bacon -whatever that means. I answered the door knowing it was you and you looked right past me to her. All of the sudden she was out the door in her snowsuit. I forgot to mention there was like five feet of snow outside and once she made it outside she was throwing it up in the air and 'swimming' in it. I tried to talk to you but you had no interest in talking to me. I asked you for at least a kiss and instead of walking up one more step to reach me you just told me it would be too hard and just looked at me with no emotion. Snow girl had stopped what she was doing and was looking at you by this time and I got the feeling you didn't want to kiss me because she was there. She starting throwing the snow up in the air again and you turned around to leave. you started playing in the snow with her, laughing and enjoying yourself when two seconds ago you couldn't be bothered to walk up one more stair to kiss me. (in all fairness, I'm not sure why I couldn't go down and kiss you, but I never have full mobility in a dream and I couldn't move standing at the doorway). You and the girl left and I slammed the door shut and kicked it with my rubber boots. I then went running into the house in an angry, hurt, explosion. Once inside I saw a rat on the ground and started chasing it to get it to run away. it ran around in circles with me chasing it until its circle got so small that it was right beside me. I knew what was going to happen before it happened, and the rat bite into my boot with its big teeth.

Then I woke up.

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